family style meals

Nutrition is a critical component
of resident care - but it’s more than 
that too. Three times daily, residents 
meet in our dining room to enjoy 
“made from scratch” meals and 
lively fellowship.

Reliable transportation ensures our 
residents make it to appointments on 
time and minimizes anxiety. Escorting 
our residents on shopping trips or 
other outings also helps maintain their 
independence and socialization. 

While our residents are highly 
independent, there are times in 
everyone’s life when more personal 
daily assistance is needed. Our 
caregivers are here to assist with 
hygiene, dressing, limited mobility 
and other tasks as needed. 

License #000718

24-Hour Onsite Staff

clinical care

housekeeping services

life enrichment

Trained caregivers are always on-site 
to ensure the needs of each resident 
are met with compassion and 
personalized care. Accountability and 
ongoing training are the  cornerstones 
of our approach to staffing.  

Rigorously trained caregivers ensure
our residents receive their medications
in the proper dosages and at the 
correct times. Off-site pharmacists 
work with us to ensure prescriptions 
are filled according to physician orders.

Daily routines, meaningful friendships, 
a sense of belonging and freedom from
worry all play a role in our residents’ 
contentment and quality of life. Weekly 
church services are held to ensure their spiritual needs are met. Residents are also encouraged to pursue lifelong 
hobbies or develop new ones. 

medication management

A comprehensive assessment is part of 
the admission process for each resident.
We collaborate with health care providers
to ensure the physical, emotional, social
and spiritual needs of each resident are
fully met in their daily care plans.

Providing residents with a tidy, sanitary 
environment and encouraging good 
hygiene is a priority at our facility. 
Residents benefit from full service laundry 
and personal housekeeping services 
weekly or more often if needed.

To provide a place for our residents that
they are proud to call home. Providing
respectful, dignified care in the privacy of
a working, comfortable home where 
pleasantries, happines and love abound. 
We are private and locally owned and 
operate as a non-profit organization.

personal daily needs

A 501c3 Non-Profit Assisted Living Center


our mission